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Mother's Delite brings the essence of Mediterranean food to your table


Mothers Delite Menus. 

From Our Oven to Your Table.

Freezer to Table

Freshly made and frozen so you can have our delish food ready when you need to it.  Enough always to feed a hungry family.

Catering - Custom & Self Service

Select from pre-packaged catering online or phone us for a customised menu.  Catering from 10 - 200

Dishes - At the Cafe or Delivery

Our dishes are prepared fresh daily and can be purchase online or at our cafe.  We have a range of daily specials available throughout the week.

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Packages & Deals Available

We have a clear objective to deliver the highest quality of healthy, tasty, Mediterranean dishes to peoples homes with a selection of foods that meet the varying dietary choices of all Australians. 

Patricia and Mary

Mothers Delite -What drives us


Mothers Delite and the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean and the Greek cuisine are now well known around the world, as recommended by nutritionists as one of the healthiest eating choices for prevention of major chronic disease and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Mediterranean food has many dishes that are vegan ,vegetarian and gluten free, so we can cater for all the ethical and dietary needs of your customers.

This is Home cooking at its best, the Greek traditional way. Its simple, easy and convenient.  It is like you have your own Greek chef in your kitchen cooking only for you. Mothers Delite will make you proud.

Yia mas kai Kaliorexi!


15 Years of reviving, re-invigorating and innovating recipes.  The Mother's kitchen is producing authentic, health and tasty cuisine.


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